The most common conception of HR is that they are the people responsible for hiring and firing. However, that is only scratching the surface of what an HR department actually does for a business. Simply put, HR is what it stands for – Human Resources – meaning that they manage the resources for the company whether on an operational or supportive level.


This is the best way to dissect the HR world, splitting its function into 2 core sections. The operational one is the one widely understood, which involves recruiting, onboarding, training, and firing. HR can then help the business grow and operate successfully with leaders and professionals who carry out the missions and goals 0f the company.


Here’s a closer look at what their job role may entail:

  • Recruitment: HR professionals have special skill sets that allow them to filter through candidates for a specific role and analyze who would be the best fit.
  • Payroll and employee records: they are in charge of identifying any skill gaps that need filling within other departments, in addition to calculating and distributing each employee’s payroll in time while factoring in expenses, raises, bonuses, and taxes.
  • Policies and formalities: company policies have to be examined and updated annually, the HR department makes sure that all policies are up to date by reviewing them and suggesting any amendments that would be beneficial for the company. As part of their admin work, they also enforce the rules and regulations within the organization and issue disciplinary measures for employees to maintain harmony and a safe work environment.


On the other hand, HR professionals can help a business strive by carrying out a list of tasks that play on the supportive nature of their job. Since employees are the biggest asset any company has, HR makes sure that they are capable of thriving in the company by protecting their well-being and furthering their growth emotionally and within their careers.


And here is how they do that:

  • Career growth and education: here HR works with the employees to guide them and set them on an educational path that allows them to grow in their careers. This could be through providing them with the resources they need to further their education in their field and by coordinating their workload with their managers to allow them the time to pursue this education and growth.
  • Training and support: this is crucial for the work environment within employees whether in the same department or the company as a whole. Training could be for employees on how to behave in the workplace, or for managers on how to become better leaders, or for groups of employees on how to be better team players and work towards the common goal. This kind of support extends to everyone and on different levels; professional, health, and wellness.


The right HR department knows that the health and wellness of their employees can determine the success of the business. This is exactly what Soken is all about!


To help the HR professionals in Dubai and the other emirates of the UAE fulfill their demanding role, we present the Soken App. The app is designed for both employees and HR professionals, aiming to arm the HR department with an all-encompassing tool that can make their job a little bit easier.


The HR Module in the Soken App can help them accurately monitor sick days, determine which employees are working from home or even employee leave management. Through the challenges and training programs, HR can guide employees to improve the quality of their life by driving targeted campaigns to the relevant users, like ‘Stop Smoking’ or ‘Reduce Obesity Rates’.


Soken houses an HR dashboard that compiles all the admin necessities for the HR department in one easy-to-access hub. Let us help you work more effectively, get in touch with us to discover more about Soken and integrate the app within your organization.