Harvard Business Research has shown that for every $1 spent on employee wellness companies get a $6 ROI! The well-being of your employees leads to the success of the business since employees will always choose companies who value their wellness and factor it into their overall company goals.


According to an Employee Benefit Trends Study in the United Arab Emirates, 87% of employees participating in company-sponsored wellness programs say it has a positive impact on their health. When companies put in the effort to maintain and advance their employees’ personal growth and wellness, employees feel more valued and their loyalty increases.


At Soken, we encourage employers, in big or small organizations, to take positive steps towards their employees’ health and wellness. So, we created a chance for all companies in the region to start investing in the wellness of their employees through the Soken App! Let’s learn more about Soken 👇🏼


What is the Soken App? 

Soken is a health and wellness app, where you can find:

  • Individual & Company-wide Challenges
  • Workout & Nutrition Guides
  • Wellness Programs and Mental Health Tips
  • An Integrated HR Platform


Soken provides the balance between health, wellness, and business. It focuses on employee health and wellness on an individual level as well as on a company-wide basis. In addition, it houses a simple and effective HR platform that helps in monitoring the progress of the workforce’s personal growth as well as administering other aspects like leaves and insurance.


The app allows users to connect to wearables and the Health app on iPhones so that they can track their vitals like steps, heartbeat, weight, calories, and sleep. Your employees’ personal data is secured and is only visible through their account, even the HR representatives will not have access to that personal data.


How is it beneficial for employees?

The Soken App offers employers and employees many benefits including:

  • Employee engagement: Deeply integrated, high-impact features to help employees with their wellness and support them when they need it most.
  • HR Support: Giving employers access to a wide range of easy-to-use tools to oversee and manage the employees at maximum capacity.
  • Digital platform: a hyper-personalized platform to support healthy daily routines and reinforcing good wellness habits.


On a more employee-centric level, the app houses multiple sections that would interest the employees, which include:

  • Wellness Department: these include mindfulness tips and information that would help with the overall mental wellbeing of your employees.
  • Workouts: we provide carefully selected exercises and workouts for different goals.
  • Yoga: these are sets of programs that are designed to help employees relax, unwind, and work on their flexibility.
  • Nutrition: users can track their nutrition and maintain the recommended value for each category based on their goal.
  • Recognition: a space for employees and employers to show their recognition to their colleagues, encouraging a more positive workplace culture.


How does it help the business?

Healthy and mindful employees will have increased productivity resulting in:

  • Fewer sick days
  • More energy and focus
  • Improved quality of work
  • Better staff retention
  • Boost in overall company morale


How can I get the Soken App?

To start your company-wide wellness journey with Soken, all you have to do is link your HR Representative with the team at Soken. You can reach the Soken team via info@soken.ae 


And yes! The Soken App is designed to be compatible with both operating systems and is available on both the App Store and Google Play.