Employees are given full access to modern relevant health, workout and nutrition advice, along with challenges and goal setting to help their health journey.

Our corporate wellness app has been designed to help the wellness for employees who live busy lives make simple small changes, to help positively impact their physical and mental health. We do so through physical and habitual challenges and employee engagement programs in the GCC that are designed to improve employee’s health and lower obesity, leading to a reduction in company absenteeism. Our recognition system is designed to encourage corporate wellness to give colleagues praise, creating a positive team culture.

On our corporate fitness app, employees will have access to a full workout program library with videos to learn the correct technique. The wellness program for corporates is designed to help combat the lack of movement from long work hours, reducing aches/pains and lowering medical claims. A simple system nutrition section which guides employees towards healthy sustainable weight loss. Lowering obesity rates, improving employee energy levels and life quality. These systems are part of an easy to use interface which is compatible on Android and IOS, linking to devices such as Fitbit.

HR Department

The HR department is one of our many options which can help your business accurately monitor sick days, which employees are working from home or even employee leave management. Drive targeted campaigns to the relevant users such as stop smoking or reducing obesity rates. Or check out your insurance policy and use our system, which is part of our wellness app in the GCC, to see the closest hospital, clinics or pharmacies covered by your policy and then navigate to them through Google maps.


Powerful Features As Always

Employee activity tracking

Employee Engagement By Activity Tracking

Encourages employees to be more conscious of their lifestyle with our corporate wellness app.

wellness app challenges icon

Physical & Habitual Challenges

Challenges for the individual as well as for groups to encourage users to have an active lifestyle by tracking employee's health through our mental health and wellbeing app.

workouts Icon

Workouts Programs

Designed to help beginners to advanced exercisers, with any type of equipment and HR can track employee's workout.

nutrition guidance icon

Nutrition Guidance

Customisable nutrition advice for employees and logging system to help users lose weight.

wellness blogs

Wellness Department / Programs

Health content library for all areas of wellness for employees from physical to mental health.

recognition icon

Recognition Wall

Help employees feel valued with positive recognition fitting your corporate values.

workouts in affordable wellbeing app

Workout Programs

Employees get free access to a huge variety of workout programs made by professionals. Then can find workouts to do in the gym or at home, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels provided to keep everyone appropriately challenged.


Soken is simple and clear, making it easy to use, no matter which era you were born in.

Soken believe in making wellness for employees affordable and easy, we were born with the belief of trying to help at least just 1 person improve their health. But with the goal of being able to help as many as possible.

Customisable notifications

Help adherence toward goals using alarms and push notifications.

HR software

Designed to help make HR's ever growing role easier.

Customisable layout

Soken's features can be tailored to fit your companies needs.

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