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This will help reduce sick days, staff turnover rates and increase productivity in the office!

Ensure employee engagement in the GCC & track your teams’ progress

Through our app, you can get your team to indulge in a range of employee engagement activities that cover everything from healthy eating habits to exercise routines. All this is done via our user friendly dashboard where you can monitor each individual’s progress as well as how your whole team is doing! Moreover, we are always improving and adding new features and will be adding rewards for being healthy – all the more reason for your team to start engaging in wellness activities!

We know that when employees are happy, they’re more productive. That’s why we created Soken to help companies improve their employee engagement and provide them with wellness programs that will make their employees happier and healthier. Our goal is to help as many people as possible have a better work life balance, which will lead to increased productivity in the workplace.

Benefit from Soken’s employee engagement activities & programs

Soken is a leading app that provides corporate wellness activities and employee engagement programs with an easy-to-use interface and outstanding features. Our platform allows companies to track their employees’ health, fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing. We also provide a range of employee engagement activities which are aimed at improving aspects of their physical, nutritional and mental health.

Why Soken?

Our aim is to make it easy for organizations to implement employee engagement program initiatives by providing them with all the information they need in one place. This includes everything from fitness tips to mindfulness exercises and nutrition advice etc.
By implementing Soken's Corporate Wellness Program into your company's culture, you are not only helping yourself, but also your staff members who will see benefits, such as reduced sick days due to illness or injury; improved productivity levels; increased morale; lower staff turnover rates; higher customer satisfaction ratings (as customers notice how happy everyone looks) etc. - the list goes on!
With Soken, everyone wins - your company gets healthier employees who are happier at work and less likely to leave; your employees feel better physically and mentally. Plus, with our recognition system, every employee has an opportunity for personal growth while still staying engaged with their team members. Everyone's a winner!