Benefit from our wellness programs for employees

Our app has been designed in a manner so it's easy for everyone in the company to use no matter their level of fitness or knowledge about nutrition. It’s simple enough that anyone can get started quickly, but powerful enough that they can track every aspect of their progress over time - from weight loss through to exercise routines and more! With our focus on helping people make small changes in their lives today through different wellness activities, we know they'll be feeling great tomorrow too!

Improve your employees' health and wellbeing with our corporate wellness programs

Soken features a range of corporate wellness program that will help as many companies and employees as possible have a healthier, happier work place. We provide education to help improve physical, nutritional and mental health along with 30 day mini wellness programs. We also have different monthly challenges for the company, which each include an educational webinar.

Are you looking for a way to improve your employees’ overall wellbeing?

In that case, Soken’s wellness program for corporates is the perfect solution. We provide corporate wellness programs in the GCC that can help corporations ensure a healthier, happier workplace.

You won’t find another app like ours on the market today; we offer education alongside our 30 day mini workplace wellness programs so you know exactly what you should be doing in order to achieve your goals. If you want your employees feeling better than ever before, then sign up now!