HR professionals in every organisation are always striving to improve the performance of the workforce within the company. The past 2 years have been especially difficult for all employees who are trying strongly to maintain their productivity, compartmentalize, and keep their efficiency levels high.


However, even prior to the pandemic organisations have witnessed a fluctuation in performance due to some distractions in the workplace according to the Udemy In-Depth: 2018 Workplace Distraction Report.

  • 54% aren’t performing as well as they should.
  • 50% say they’re significantly less productive.
  • 20% not able to reach full potential, advance in career.


These percentages may vary from one company to another, nonetheless, they convey a serious issue that needs to be addressed. HR professionals should take control of this situation and set up a strategy that will allow employees to maintain an efficient working dynamic without putting too much strain on them.


Having a well-run company is a great achievement, but it is highly necessary to understand that the happiness of the employees can have a great effect on their performance. First and foremost, they should be appreciated for their work while at the same time realize the importance of keeping the productivity wheel running at full capacity.


There isn’t a one-fit-all strategy for companies to achieve effectiveness, however, there are some key points that should be taken into consideration. Here are the top 4 tips you should implement in your organization:


  • Think of the employee – observe your employees and understand any setbacks or challenges that they may be facing. Then think and implement solutions to help them feel heard. Employees who can rely on HR to provide them with professional support are more likely to perform better knowing that they are being appreciated and understood.
  • Improve the morale – moving on from the single employee, you should make sure that the collective is working in harmony. This can be achieved through team bonding activities which help employees of the same department get along better improving the overall performance of the department.
  • Provide resources – find solutions that can enhance the working environment for your employees and for the company as a whole. This can be in the form of a more skilled workforce, technology, or even educational portals.
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Explore more helpful steps that can assist you in improving your organization’s performance. Let us know in the comments or on our social media platforms how you find ways to improve your employees’ efficiency levels.