Another company-wide challenge that is guaranteed to create healthy competition among your colleagues. The 30-day sleep challenge will probably prove to be an employee favorite as it encourages their physical and mental wellbeing through rest and sleep.


This challenge aims to achieve 30 sleep cycles in a week. Why 30? Because our brain has an internal clock that helps regulate our body during our sleep. We tend to have 90-minute sleep cycles and if we achieve 30 of those cycles across one week we will start seeing improvements in our physical and mental health.


Why participate in the sleep challenge?

At Soken, we make sure that all challenges and programs available for the employees have a direct impact on their lifestyle. The goal is to improve their overall wellness and health, so here are the benefits you reap from the sleep challenge:

  • Strengthening your learning and memory skills
  • Allowing your body to physically repair itself
  • Working on lowering stress levels
  • Helping you feel a lot happier
  • Improving your chances at losing weight and feeling healthier since we tend to eat 3-500 fewer calories per day when we’ve had enough sleep


What do you need to do for this challenge?

A healthy week’s sleep consists of achieving 6 hours on 5 nights and 7.5 hours on 2 nights during the week. In order to accomplish this challenge, we set the target for an average of 6.5 hours every night of the week. Taking naps will also be counted towards your score.


Oversleeping will not give you an advantage, so do not try sleeping for 14 hours a day. The points are scored based on achieving 6.5 to 10 hours of sleep maximum in one day. You have to make sure your wearable is connected and that you are wearing it while you sleep or nap to track your sleep cycle.


If you have trouble sleeping well or for the recommended hours, we have a few tips for you to improve the quality of your sleep. Follow the below tips to get a good night’s sleep every night:

  • Reduce late-night activities.
  • Establish a routine of getting to bed at a reasonable hour and maintain the same hour every night.
  • Dim the lights an hour or 2 before bed to soothe your mind and prepare it for a relaxed night.
  • Take hot baths or showers as they can help relax your muscles and get you to sleep faster.
  • Make sure any exercises or food are all completed 2-3 hours before you need to sleep.
  • Make sure your phone is out of reach to stop you from getting sucked into aimless scrolling through the night.


By the end of the challenge, your body would have established a good routine that will continue even after the challenge is long done. Aim for first place on the leader board among your work colleagues while improving the quality of your sleep and lifestyle.


Sleep well and good luck with your challenge!