What to do when things get chaotic? This could be at home, at school, at work, at the gym, or anywhere you are. Unfortunately, chaos happens around us all the time and it is our job to be able to ride the wave and remain focused.


Chaos can be in the form of people talking loudly or messy surroundings, or clutter of problems that all occur at once. No matter what form it takes on, it is inevitable. There are ways you can adopt to help you work through the chaos, find your inner peace, and maintain your energy and productivity levels.


Trying to regain control of the chaos can be hard at first but with practice you will find that it becomes part of your reflex when dealing with any type of chaos – physical, social, or mental. Here are some tips that can help you:


1- Maintain your composure

While the temptation to fix the issue that started the chaos is strong, you have to remember that by leaving your responsibilities you might be creating more chaos to handle. It is recommended to keep your routine going, finish off your task at hand, make sure you are capable of diffusing the chaos before inserting yourself into it.


2- Take some time for yourself

When things get overwhelming you have to give yourself some time to process the situation. The worst thing you can do is to power through without allowing yourself to fully comprehend everything and plan for it. If needed, excuse yourself from the space and go for fresh air or take a walk to refresh your mood and mind.


3- Pinpoint the cause

Once you’ve calmed down and can think with a clear mind, try to find the source of the chaos or the cause of the stress. This step is crucial when trying to solve any problem, it is easier to start at the cause than work out the effects of it. This might also help you become more self aware of your actions and behaviours which could turn out to be the cause.


4- Communicate!

This may seem like an obvious step but you’d be surprised at how much is left uncommunicated and how that could be the root of many clashes and issues. Make it a habit to talk with your employees, coworkers, and friends about the situation in a calm and logical manner. Be the voice of reason that people often need in times of stress. Pro tip: everyone thinks much better with food around, pizza is always a good choice!


5- Smile

Simple and effective! Battling chaos with calm is the best strategy you can arm yourself with. Stand in the face of mayhem with a good and bright attitude. Remember that certain things are not in your control, so you have to focus on what you actually can control. Panicking and having a fit is neither productive nor helpful for your mental well-being.

The important thing to remember is trying to catch yourself from spiraling into a downward hill of sadness and panic. There isn’t a problem too difficult to solve or a chaotic state that lasts forever. Try to train yourself on relaxing through the chaos so you can be able to overcome it easier and faster.

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